How to Grow When You Hear ‘No’

Being told ‘No’ can hurt.  Plain and simple.

I’m aware of the sales methods which teach that ‘No’ simply means ‘No’ for now … in my current situation, and that it’s really just a ‘Yes’ deep inside waiting to be released with a smile and a handshake.  I’ve taught that method and I believe in that method for sales.  That’s not the ‘No’ I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the ‘No’ when you are told that what you have to offer is not wanted here.  It can feel more personal than, ‘No thank you, I don’t want to buy that.”

This is about you offering your personal or professional creation and it being flatly rejected.  You’ve worked hard to piece together this proposal based on your professional analysis of what will be most effective for this situation; or you have put forth yourself as a person and a professional and made the case that your experience, perspective, expertise and proven record of success is exactly what’s needed to fill this position.  You are certain that a year from now they’ll look back at the results of adopting your proposal in a graph jumping high, or your supervisor will say, ‘Wow, bringing you on board paid off greater than I expected!’

But instead you get, ‘No’.
It can feel deflating.
It can feel painful.
It can halt positive momentum, even bring about negative feelings.

bubble burst

So put on your armour of self-belief to survive this blow to the gut.  Nothing can penetrate you when you believe in yourself!

Taking Action After ‘No’ 
1)  Believe that what you’ve proposed is, at it’s core, the right thing to propose.  Belief in yourself and who you have grown to be as a person and a professional.

2)  Understand that those who rejected you are not bad, or wrong, or ignorant.  They simply made their decision.  Accept it.

3)  Accept that from their decision, there are things about your proposal or you personally that you can improve upon.  Ask for feedback and listen to it.  If they want you to revise it, open your mind, hear theirs, and apply what they want to see in your work.  This may become a growth opportunity – which is far more fruitful for you than any initial ‘Yes’.

4)  Try again.  ‘No’ here, today may lead you to a beautiful ‘Yes’ there, tomorrow.  It’s the personal side of the ‘No for now’ idea.

Believe in yourself and try again!

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