The Power of Conversation in Our Digital Day

Even as I desperately search the house for any – ANY – of this family’s five cell phone chargers before mine dies, I am basking in the glow of an old-school communications win.

It involved executive-level communicators and students sitting together, four-at-a-table, sharing, listening, and learning from each other’s greatest successes in organizational communications.

Then, switching tables to repeat and switching again.

Then harvesting the common conditions for the most successful methods and brainstorming what it would take to have these best practices and conditions present in our everyday work.

This was face-to-face.  Nodding, then asking.   Pursing your lips upward with a single nod of agreement as if to say, “Wow, nicely done.”

Nothing beats the power of conversation.  We learned so much from each other and I saw the potential of conducting a similar conversation activity among cross-functional members within an organization.

It’s even more powerful under the control  of experienced facilitators Michelle Holliday, of Cambium Consulting, and Patrick Dufault, a personnel coach/marketing consultant.  Their leadership over this conversation model, named World Café, delivered valuable results for all of us attending the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Montréal Chapter meeting.

There’s no question that today demands digital.  Members were tweeting about it last night. I’m blogging about it this morning.  But as we type with heads down, we also need to remember  the power of the conversation you could have by looking straight ahead and saying, “Let’s talk more about that.”

Maybe if I look up I’ll find a charger…

One of the conditions or success (Collaboration) is adorned with ideas of how to deliver it every day.
One of the conditions or success (Collaboration) is adorned with ideas of how to deliver it every day.

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