All We Need (in Social Media) Is Love

Fingers are flying!

You can almost feel the over-eager rush inside some brands and organizations that are sending out tweets so fast and so diverse that I get the feeling they simply want to be seen. A lot!

As a content producer for digital communications, I follow groups that specialize in reporting on social media trends.  Some send very useful facts, infographics, and links to valuable articles.  Others just send.  The ‘senders’ are a little too prolific for my taste especially when updates come all day with only minutes between them.

The Most Powerful Social Media Tool

Some might say that another Vine, Kik, or Twitter is just the tool we need to better communicate within our industry or with our customers.  Since those new methods will come anyway, I recommend instead that we focus on perfecting the way we use these tools across each and every social medium.  Our most powerful tool is our ability to authentically connect and achieve social relationships.

What you send needs to be in the voice of your brand but written with the customer in mind.  What you send needs to be content your audience wants to receive, not what you want them to see.

Social media provides you an astonishingly powerful platform to speak directly to your biggest fans so they can continue to fly your flag.  Why bury them with content count when instead you can make their heart swell with love for your brand by giving them something meaningful.

Social Media is P2P

Mark Schaefer embraces the strategy of giving in his book, The Tao of Twitter.  He literally asks that each reader put a Post-it note on our computer which states “Social Media is P2P” – Person to Person.  He describes the connection between sender and receiver as a relationship, not a business transaction.

And even in B2B relationships, we’re reminded that businesspeople are people, too. So provide content with a smile, good intent, and the understanding that those reading your content are getting something they want and can use.

The method doesn’t matter: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest …   What matters most is that you’re using the single tool that can help your brand form a relationship with your customer: your heart.


(Social Media Heart Image from IMPACT Branding & Design

One thought on “All We Need (in Social Media) Is Love

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  1. Scott,

    Very nice post! I agree when you point out that content and the resulting relationship we build with followers is more important than the medium we use to achieve this. I remember from the “Tao of Twitter” that the book recommends to never let anyone else use your twitter account, or in case you do, to let your followers know. Why? Because Twitter and other social media sites work because of the personal relationships we build.

    Great post!:)



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