Writers are either dreaming of what they’ll write next or twitching for a keyboard (or their smartphone) to jot down a great thought that just came to mind for a piece they’re working on.

And, of course, we’re all trying to achieve the 3 basic Cs of effective writing: Clear, Concise and Connecting.  I learned the third C as Correct in journalism school, but I use Connecting here to support the ultimate goal in social media which is to make an authentic connection/relationship with your audience.  Of course we want it to be correct as well.

I think that’s why Twitter is the most-used social media tool today in the group I’m working very closely with, the Montréal chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/Montréal).  It provides the perfect platform of brief communications in complete thoughts that grab attention, inform and engage your audience.  That describes the 3 C’s right there.

For IABC/Montréal, driving businesses means informing and engaging current members so our organization can be a useful and respected resource for their professional development.  We use Twitter to pass on best practices, research findings and trends reported by other IABC chapters worldwide.  We use it to connect members with peers so they can learn from each other.  And it’s built for sharing which allows us to target communications so we can attract prospective members.  Plus, our audience isn’t the type of writer in a cardigan with a cup of tea.  Business communicators move from office to office, client to vendor to supervisor.  They fit well with the statistic from Strategy Analytics which shows  71 percent of Twitter users tweeting from a mobile phone or tablet.

Tweet to Teach

Sometimes our tweets send information.  In this case, some of us were attending a session about getting the most out of LinkedIn so we were sending info to members who could not attend.

IABC/Montreal tweet during LinkedIn session



Call and Response

When the presenter asked an intriguing question during the LinkedIn session, I thought it was a valuable question to ask other members.  And they responded.

event convo

Une question s’il vous plaît?

And outside our events, our social media campaign is based on a calendar which provides continuous info-sharing or, in the case below, polls which link to a related article.  We’re currently the world’s largest bi-lingual chapter, so our tweets, emails, and e-newsletters all go out in two languages. Have you Tweeted live during an event?

tweet during event fr

This clear, concise and connecting tool seems to grab the most attention of our busy members.  It provides us more conversation with our members than any other social media tool and we post weekly reports to show members just how much we’re all connecting.

twitter results

We use many social media tools to ‘conduct our business’.  Google Drive has become our digital workplace among board members.  WordPress makes an engaging web site easier than ever.  And Google+ and LinkedIn have allowed us to expand relationship building and sharing in sync with Twitter.  But the little bird, at this stage, seems to be our most useful tool to connect with communicators in their busy days.

I’m certain you are using Twitter in other ways to drive your business and ‘connect’.  I’d love to hear them!  Add them in comments below and I’ll share them via Twitter!      And hey, Follow us @IABC/Montréal

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