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The Cubs and my Mom Share the Same Winning Approach We Can All Apply in Leadership

Author’s note: I received Tom Verducci’s book, The Cubs Way, as a birthday present last week.  I’m intentionally releasing this blog post, which I’ve been working on for months, before reading the book because I’m sure it covers a lot of the same bases. Though I cite the book once, I encourage you to read […]

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What Do You Do While the Coffee is Brewing?

It’s just not that difficult to find your passion while you’re engaged in a project.  If you are applying your talents to what you are passionate about, you are engaged to your core.  It’s a beautiful thing. It’s during the times in between projects when you’re truly tested.  This is the break in time while […]

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#CBUS111: Content Creation

Blogging about Digital Content Creation by Marketing and Communications students of McGill University Continuing Studies.

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