Writers are either dreaming of what they’ll write next or twitching for a keyboard (or their smartphone) to jot down a great thought that just came to mind for a piece they’re working on. And, of course, we’re all trying to achieve the 3 basic Cs of effective writing: Clear, Concise and Connecting.  I learned the third... Continue Reading →

The Power of Conversation in Our Digital Day

Even as I desperately search the house for any – ANY – of this family’s five cell phone chargers before mine dies, I am basking in the glow of an old-school communications win. It involved executive-level communicators and students sitting together, four-at-a-table, sharing, listening, and learning from each other’s greatest successes in organizational communications. Then,... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to Take it With You, It’s Already There

Professional associations and groups were never my thing.  I was always “too busy” to go to meetings (during which time I would not be getting work done) and I was always way behind on my workload anyway.  Plus, filling out the forms for award entries took so much time and detail; I was sure I... Continue Reading →

Act Your Age

My first rock festival -- I am 47 years old. As a rule, I try not to lead with my age.  I believe it’s more about who you are inside than what this number, 47, says about who I am. But when telling of my day at the Osheaga Music Festival in Montréal last weekend,... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t I Feel Like I’m Growing When I’m Growing?

We moved to Montreal, Quebec three months ago.  And although we're in the same time zone as we were in North Carolina, the difference in culture and lifestyle has been daunting. "We came for the kids," we say when explaining the move.  They will grow so much from the experience.  But did I expect that... Continue Reading →

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